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On an ongoing basis, Infinity Communications and Consulting is working with 400+ sites for school districts, including colleges/universities, all over the Western United States and American Samoa. We provide technology design planning - network assessments and 10-year master plans, drafting, specification writing, low voltage project administration and inspection services for modernization and new construction projects. We can also administer E-rate technology funding for many of these improvements.

Infinity offers you the ability to provide professional and comprehensive design for all your low-voltage and communication needs. We provide system budget estimating, specification writing, CAD drawings, plan checking, bid management, project administration, and inspection services. We include drafting services of floors plans, wall elevations, system single lines and installation details. Our designers easily articulate technology requirements into clear, concise standards and specifications.


  • Infinity is completely independent, with a fair and impartial Project Design. We can produce design requirements for the clients’ needs; not specific contractors or manufacturers. We have 3 RCDD’s and a team of designers and drafters just waiting to develop one of these systems for you:


  • Local Area Network Systems

    Wireless LAN Systems  

    Surveillance Camera Systems

    Wide Area Network Systems  

     Intercom/Pa Systems

    Master Clock Systems

    Telephone/VoIP Systems

    Classroom A/V Systems

    Performing Arts Sound Systems

    Data Centers

    Burglar Alarm Systems  

    UPS/Battery Backup Systems

    Raceway/Conduit Systems


    Assistive Listening Systems

    Video Conferencing Systems    

    Card Access Systems

    Mass Notification Systems

    Low Voltage Charging Stations

    Interactive Whiteboards



  • Infinity has a complete design/drafting department with 50+ years of experience.

  • We know that cost matters. Once we have met with you to determine your need, we will give you the most accurate price estimate possible. Because we are a design consultant, we have the ability to identify “equals” for all of your low voltage systems, thus driving down the cost of these systems for you

  • Our team of experts specialize in developing RFP’s in compliance with local, state and other procurement requirements. We will work with your staff to ensure there are no inconsistencies between the conduit/raceway design, bid specifications, and/or bid documents. We will review bid responses and make recommendations to you.

  • Due to the complex nature of procurement, Infinity consultants can guide you through the process of transparent and effective procurement and help detect and report any irregularities.


Our Design Team is successful in strategically minimizing and eliminating technology design miscalculations in the planning process and overcoming coordination errors in the field during construction.


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