Project Administration

We make technology happen!

With our extensive background and expertise in technology design services, Infinity Communications and Consulting, Inc. is the right choice to oversee your low-voltage and technology projects. From consulting and technology design planning, to project administration and inspection services – our services scale to meet your needs. 

Once we have ensured your project has been procured and awarded, we step in to begin the tedious process of managing the implementation every step of the way. From coordinating and conducting meetings between the owners and contractors, to providing onsite inspections during the construction and close out – our Project Administration services ensure that your project has been installed according to your specifications and expectations.

By using our services to administer your project, you benefit by saving time, money and the hassle of maneuvering through all the regulations and requirements that go hand-in-hand with low-voltage and communications projects.


    • In conjunction with our Design Team specialists, our dedicated Project Managers continue the progress of a project idea through to inspection and completion.

    • We are here to ensure that your project’s success is our #1 goal!

    • From coordination to completion, Infinity is here every step of the way.

    • Every project has its hurdles, with Infinity by your side, you will have peace of mind that we’re in your corner to assure costs stay within budget.

    • We are not finished until every last piece is complete.


Our Project Administration Team is successful in strategically minimizing and eliminating technology design miscalculations in the planning process by first working closely with our design team to ensure accuracy, then coordinating vendors during the project to effectively overcome any errors or delays in the field during construction.


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